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You need a social media presence that provides hope and healing for your clients AND helps you build a thriving business.
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Here's What You'll Get in the Challenge:
Connect with Your Followers
Your followers are interested in you and what you have to say. I'll show you how to craft the perfect post that let's your personality shine through without crossing any boundaries.
Share Your Mission 
People love to hear about your passion and why you do what you do. This is what sets you apart from the crowd and positions you as a trusted authority. I'll show you how to share your purpose in a way that others will love.
Inspire Your Followers
People on social media LOVE inspirational posts, and your audience is no different. Learn the 3 elements of a great inspirational post and use them to uplift your audience.
Engage Your Followers
You want an engaged audience, one who comments on your posts, and even shares them with their friends. I'll show you how to craft a highly engaging post to get your followers talking.
Promote Your Business
Social media is great and all, but it can only go so far. In order to REALLY get help, people need to take the next step and reach out to you. Promotional posts invite your followers to take that next step. I'll show you how to craft the perfect promotional post without being salesy.
Who's behind this challenge?
Jennifer Sneeden
I've built two six-figure businesses using social media, and I'm passionate about helping therapists, coaches, and healers do the same.

Social media is the fastest way for the people who need you to get your help, and I want to make sure you're there for them. 
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